My name is Tommy but more and more people are calling me Maple, which is a name I have given myself. Im 21 and I love everything about food. Eating it, teaching people about it, and learning it, which is why I am studying to become a registered Dietitian. I try my hardest to find the beauty in every situation although I am always put to the test. I have noticed that when people dream, pray, and kiss their eyes are always closed and that is because the most beautiful things in life can't be seen...they are felt. Through my posts I try and capture the things I find most beautiful and I hope whoever looks at my blog can leave feeling that the world isn't as ugly as the people who live in it. That is all.


Beautiful road by playandgrow

Maple leaves.  by tuk~tuk~

(by Béla Török)

Pigeon Point, California. (by Michael Modene)

I love April <3 #April #mybirthday c; #Aries #414